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Start turning your incredible ideas into apps today. No coding required.


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Backend Support

Backend support such as Analyics, Database & Storage

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Build Visually

No Coding required. Drag n drop components and turn your ideas into app in minutes. Just focus on your idea & get a cup of coffee, we will do the rest for you.

Build From Templates

We provide various of templates. Pick one you like from the template library, or create your own template, put in your contents & ideas, now your app is ready.


Write once. Run on multiple platforms. ReactiveIDE creates app that can be compiled for Android, iOS or even Web and run them Natively like a charm.

Backend Support

Sometimes building apps is'nt the hardest part. Building apps usually require a Backend services. We've got you back. ReactiveIDE offers backend support such as database, analytics, storage and authentication.

What can you build with ReactiveIDE?

We have chosen some highlighted apps built using ReactiveIDE, feel free to launch & remix them.


Instantgram is a Social Media App that can share, like & create post, inspired by Instagram.


TokTok is a TikTok like platform that aims to let users to share short video.

COVID Tracker

COVID Tracker is a simple app that monitors the status of COVID-19 all over the world.

Wallet Book

Wallet Book is an app that let you record all your payments & transactions.

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